Specialty ingredients for the food and beverage industries

Our 25+ years of experience as well as our privileged partnership with leading multinationals, make us a reliable  partner. We will be able to assist and support you in R&D and optimization of production costs, while maintaining a very good Quality/Price ratio.


High quality products

Our offer is essentially based on specialty products which are high technology and biotechnology products since they bring a real plus to both the finished product and the process used to manufacture it :

Milling, bakery, pastry
Raising agents: phosphates Bread improvers : Wide range of enzymes Premix  Anti-fungal Ascorbic acid Dietary fibers Emulsifiers and aerating agents Flavors and colorants: natural and nature identical   Beta-carotene
Dairy products and cheese dairy
Dairy preparation Coloring: beta-carotene, Annatto Coating waxes (Red, transparent, black ...), Protection waxes (Natamycin coating) Melting salts  Thickeners : CMC Natural conservators: Nisin, Natamycin, Lysozyme Vitamins and minerals Rennet and coagulants: animal; microbial Lactic cultures Dietary fibers: nutritional and economic advantage Others: Calcium chloride, lactic acid, milk proteins
Beverages and juices
Enzymes for drinks and juices Vitamins and vitamin complexes Ascorbic acid Thickeners : CMC, pectin Clarifiers, stabilizers : PVPP Hydrocolloids: guar and xanthan gum Sweeteners : Aspartame, acesulfame Flavors and colorants
Nutrition by food
Vitamins and vitamin complexes Minerals Plant sterols Omega 3 Dietary fiber Natural plant extracts Natural flavors and colors
Desserts, cookies and confectionery
Dairy preparations and lactoserum Vitamins Sorbitol Texturizers and stabilizers : Alginates and pectins Coating agents Fruit inclusions Flavours and colors
Cold meats, ready meals and fish
Phosphates and derivatives Texture, color preservation and water retention agents Anti-oxidants : Natural vitamin E, DL-Alpha Tocopherol, ... Conservators Vegan solutions Clean label solutions
Oil and fat refining
Enzymatic degumming Enzyme for olive oil and margarine Fortification of oil with vitamin complexes Anti-oxidants and preservatives Anti-foaming

World-renowned suppliers

We select our suppliers with the greatest rigour. We only work with world-renowned suppliers, with whom we share the same values. All our additives and food ingredients are halal certified and meet international quality and hygiene standards to offer you the best on the market.