An industry in constant evolution

Whether it is to produce a hair category specific shampoo, a face cream with real active ingredients, a body milk, an anti-UV filter, etc., we have a solution for a good part of your needs and can assist in the formulation of the products that interest you.

For this, we benefit from the databases and expertise of our world-leading partners. Our mission is to find for you the latest ingredients and components that would give your products that important competitive edge.

Times are changing, consumer behaviors too. So, stay tuned to the market and well ahead of your competitors, by talking to our experts.


Products tested and certified


A bad review on a social media platform, and years of work on your brand can be ruined in an instant. This can easily happen due to poor quality ingredients, that keep badly and/or fail to meet international standards.

To choose FORTRADE is to make sure you’re never confronted to this kind of scenario. We offer you a rich and diverse range of active ingredients, excipients, preservatives, fragrances and many other natural and identical natural ingredients, all certified and sourced from internationally renowned suppliers.

In addition, we have privileged access to the databases of our partners, which allows us to offer you a whole range of cosmetic formulas, ranging from creams for the face, body and hands, to shampoos, hair gels, deodorants, etc.