A partner who meets your needs

It is in the field of detergents that we have acquired our letters of nobility. This is therefore an area that is particularly close to our hearts. Our expertise and experience in this sector make FORTRADE the perfect partner to provide you with the best active ingredients for all types of detergents, whether liquid (APCs for the floor, for dishes, for windows, for textiles, for the oven, etc.), powder (for hand or machine washing) or multi-purpose paste.

Whether you need ingredients to manufacture products for domestic or industrial use, we have the reference you need.

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Assistance and support at all levels

We work together with our customers to better understand their work processes and their needs in order to offer them the products that best suit them, with the best quality-price ratio.         

Our team is backed by decades of expertise and is made up of seasoned specialists working to ensure your needs are met using state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations.

Products adapted to detergents for domestic or professional use

Our expertise in the field of Detergency is recognized by the largest national operators in this field. We benefit from the support, among others, of two world leaders, namely BASF for chemical products and NOVOZYMES for special detergent enzymes.

Our sales engineers are regularly trained in the latest innovations and we do not hesitate to share this with our customers. Whatever the type of detergent for domestic or professional use, whatever the desired form, in powder, liquid, bar, paste or tablets and whatever the desired use: hand or machine textiles, cleaning floors, windows, dishes , multi-purpose, we have solutions and products so that your product is efficient and at the best quality/price ratio.

We can provide you with preservatives, defoamers, ethoxylated alcohols, biocides, wetting agents, sequestrants, copolymers, surfactants, perfumes and many other products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.