The pharmaceutical industry: challenge met, challenge successful !

This sector is one of our priorities and we are doing everything we can to develop it further. For this, we have entered into numerous partnerships with large renowned multinationals, which allows us to offer a wide range of APIs and Excipients for both the Pharma and Food Supplements industries.  We are constantly on the lookout for the best ingredients and the latest innovations in order to expand our offer of pharmaceutical ingredients.


Our range of ingredients:
compliant and certified

Active ingredients
Binding agents, diluents, preservatives, synthetic ingredients, coating agents, texturizers, anti-foaming agents, etc. ...
Nutraceutical ingredients
Probiotics, Prebiotics, Phytosterols, Omega 3, Propolis and royal jelly, collagen peptides
Vitamins and minerals
Natural extracts
Flavors and colorants
Taste enhancers and sweeteners
Innovative isothermal solutions

Almost all of our ingredients meet USP and/or European Pharmacopoeia standards and are approved by major pharmaceutical companies. We can also issue IPEC – GMP certificates to help our partners analyze ingredients.